A bit of a mess


I appear to have lost the last five years of this blog’s content. 

I shit you not. 

I went to post something this morning, only to be faced with a less than helpful error message. Cue several hours of faffing about with technology I’m less than comfortable with using and a combination of curses and wishes. For the moment, this is all that remains of 

Calm yourselves. It upset me too, at first. 

I’m weighing up the benefits of importing a shed-load of old posts with the sheer drudgery of such a tasks. Similarly, I’m always attracted to fresh starts. But I had built up quite the following, which I’m sure was based on the content.

They can’t all have been charity visits, can they?

This neatly coincides with an early decision to reorganise the blog and move it back to a platform, avoiding all the shenanigans associated with hosting my own blog. Hilariously, my blog’s meltdown happened before I’d done the full back-up of posts. Hilariously. 


Bear with me while I figure this out and decide what to do next. 

6 comments on “A bit of a mess

  1. stevemorton

    We had an SQL database corruption that went unnoticed for about a week and then of course the back up had got trashed. So I ended up having to rebuild the site (not very big thank goodness) from scratch. I’ve managed to recover some of the posts by using the WayBack machine and also through Google Cache!
    But to prevent this happening again I’ve subscribed myself to the blog so each time we publish a post it gets emailed to me and I archive the emails.
    So hopefully I won’t get caught out again!


    • Thanks Steve – a great idea.

      As for me, it’s a case of “once bitten…” This is so annoying, I’l just make sure it never happens again.


      • stevemorton

        Just a thought… I wonder if one of your many followers might have got an email archive of posts as received when they have subscribed to the feed?

        I’ve just checked the Wayback Machine it doesn’t appear to have this blog scanned unless there is another address.

        I do a WP back up to my Dropbox account using a plug-in, but I now do this on a regular basis and check the back up and the site more frequently.



        • Thanks Steve. I’ve actually managed to locate a back-up of all posts. It’s just a case of finding the time to re-upload in a coordinated way. Lessons learnt though!


  2. stevemorton

    Good to see your posts re-emerging this morning


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