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Apple: it doesn’t “just work”

I’ve been accused – on more than one occasion – of being an Apple fan-boy. A blind, foolish acolyte of a cult-like organisation who will do everything in its power to empty my bank balance with its lovely, shiny gadgets.

Much of that is true. I am a fan of Apple and have been for some time. But recently, I can honestly say that the sheen is beginning to wear off. I’ve never viewed Apple as an unfailing, perfect organisation, but in a world of crappy gadgets and unwieldy software, I believe they stand head and shoulders above the competition.


Apple finally launched iTunes 11 this week and I haven’t been able to sync my iPhone properly since.

Seriously, Apple – you are so close to losing me as an advocate. Last week, I had to replace my brand new iPhone 5 due to a faulty “off” button and you made that rather tedious. Despite shelling out full price, direct from Apple, I got service that was pretty sub-par. Same happened to my iPhone 4S. Why did I come back for more? To me, the iPhone is the least worst option of all smartphones. It does (usually) exactly what I need it to do. Could it be improved? Of course. Will I run into the warm embrace of Android if it isn’t improved? Of course note.

Apple updated the overweight and bloated iTunes – my only way of getting music onto the iPhone – and make it work so slowly and crash so frequently that it’s next to useless. They’ve just updated the Podcasts app on iOS to make it marginally better (but still rubbish) – maybe they could refocus some of their developers’ time on actually finishing iTunes?

Before the Android masses descend on this blog and gloat, I’ve used Android and found it even more flaky than iOS. As far as I can see, standards have dropped at Apple this year. Things need to improve, and fast, before they start to pick up a Microsoft-like reputation. I’ve spend the last 15 years recommending Apple products to freinds, family and colleagues with the statement “They just work”.

Right now, they “just don’t”.

*Sad face*

iTunes crawls even when it’s the only app that’s running on my iMac. It’s next to unusable. Recent updates appear to make it impossible for me to add podcasts to music playlists. I used to enjoy these on long training runs. Breaking up music with podcasts and vice versa. Now, it seems I can only listen to podcasts via the Podcasts app on my iPhone and this doesn’t play nice with the Nike+ app that I used to track my runs.

While searching for a workaround, i just feel the intense frustration that millions of others feel when they have to look for a solution to a seemingly obvious problem overlooked by the software developer. Made all the worse when they apparently remove functionality as part of an “upgrade”.

I’ve written this entire post while waiting for my iPhone to sync with iTunes. It’s crashed three times.

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