The Week in MacPsych: 017

Yet another week is almost over, so it’s time for my not-at-all regular summary of the week’s adventures.

  • I started this week in Warsaw, where I was presenting at a conference. While i did my best to make use of my meagre Polish language skills (really, you’d be surprised how much you can pick up using the interwebs), I quickly discovered that Warsaw is not somewhere I would describe as “happy go lucky”. In fact, I can recall the face of every person who cracked a smile over the course of my visit. Both of them. Let’s just say they don’t place a lot of emphasis on customer service.
  • We began planning for our holiday in Japan in 2013. Looks like I’m finally going to visit one of my top 3 destinations (the others being Brazil and Argentina), but right now I’m just scoping out what is achievable in a couple of weeks. So please, if you’ve visited Japan, all suggestions and tips are most welcome. I want to visit a hot spring, attend a tea ceremony, shop for clothes made for people of my build and enjoy Japanese trains that are so fast, you arrive at your destination before you’ve left your point of origin. Or something like that. I also want to learn some Japanese before I go – any suggestions on that front also welcome.
  • Last night, The Killing series 3 kicked off with a double bill. Most impressive! That’s Saturday night spoken for until the end of the series. The ever-brilliant BBC4 is showing this final series in blocks of two episodes. So it’s like watching an excellent movie every week. Well done the Beeb. And of course Sofie Gråbøl et al.
  • Sadly, I finally realised that my recent lack of running has impacted my weight. And not in a good way. So I nipped out for a cheeky 5k this evening, just as the sun was setting. Cracking views over the Thames. Unfortunately, many other people were there to enjoy the view too, so I had to more than usual running/slalom action between tourists.
  • The glut of business travel is at an end and I’m looking forward to a week where I sleep in my own bed every night. Such luxury. Yes, worthy of an entry on “White Whine“, but there are only so many room service meals I can stand and only so many times I can hear the safety announcement on a short-haul flight. And now I’m realising it’s probably a combination of the multiple heavy meals and lots of sitting on trains and planes that has gently massaged my waistline over the last few weeks. Need to live like a Spartan between now and the inevitable gluttony of Xmas.
  • Today, we (and most of North London) enjoyed a lovely walk in the sun in Hampstead Heath. It was cold but incredibly sunny. Perfect for a stroll, with amazing views of London beneath us. Between the views, and vicariously enjoying other people’s dogs racing around after tennis balls, I felt more chilled out than I have in some time. We can home via Islington where I enjoyed the deliciousness of “Aria” and added another man-bag to my collection.
  • I’ve actually started my Xmas shopping, but only online. To avoid any last minute desperation shopping. Despite my annoyance at seeing the “seasonal” decorations go up across the West End of London, even I was taken aback by the fact that a couple in the apartment block across the street from us have already put up their Xmas tree. Bit early, no?

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