Farewell to the Filofax(es)

So it has come to this… After just a couple of weeks of using the iPad Mini, my mind is all but made up. It’s time to pass on my collection of Filofaxes.

Last year, I got stuck into using these handy (and quite appealingly retro) binders for all sorts of things, but I now realise I was clinging on to the past by fawning over the leather exteriors and oh-so-flexible paper inserts. My iPad Mini is lighter than any of these personal organisers and is definitely always with me.

The very essence of a “ubiquitous capture device” that is lauded in the productivity porn literature.

(Which I read voraciously. Obviously.)

The Filofax paraphernalia is going up on eBay this weekend, as part of a wider effort to declutter my life. The iPad Mini has become the modern personal organiser I’ve always wanted: diary, notepad, book collection and to-do list all in one, magical device.

Will I regret disposing of these little leather slices of deliciousness? Of course I will. Every time I see a beautifully organised display of Filofax binders in a shop, I know I’ll feel the urge to buy a new one and promise myself “this time, it’ll be different”.

As for paper, I’ve realised I can’t go completely cold turkey on this old favourite. But I have a box full of old notebooks that I’ve accumulated – mostly Moleskine – that will be used for times when an iPad Mini just isn’t practical. Lately, this has been during “take-off, landing and any other time the captain has switched on the fasten seat belts sign” and when, during meetings, it’s just too distracting for other people.


Since getting the iPad Mini, I’ve had so many people – most complete strangers – as if they could touch it. I’ve had cabin crew, train staff, strangers on the tube and others all want to touch it for themselves. I’ve always handed it over, with my hawk-like gaze never leaving their hands. But I’ve enjoyed watching the expression on their faces – they can’t believe it’s so light.

That was never a problem with a Filofax! As I got more into it, the inserts got more convoluted and therefore heavier. Maps of places I’d never been, checklists for things I rarely did, information about international calling codes for countries I never intended to call.

Using an iPad, I’m not losing any of that – I’m just accessing it in a different – and much lighter – way. Heading up to my office in Oxfordshire the other day, I was concerned I’d left something at home. Searching my bag, I realised it was just that the iPad Mini had replaced both a personal sized Filofax and an iPad 2.

A not insignificant weight saving.

This move away from the Filofax will also be good news for several drawers in my bureau which are actually sagging under the weight of Filofax inserts. Less “stuff”.

Fewer “things”.

But definitely just as much joyful geekery.

5 comments on “Farewell to the Filofax(es)

  1. Unexpectedly, having this Nook HD is making me consider not lugging my mbp daily. I don’t use it for my day-job but it’s always for use for everything else. Focusing on this class so much means most free time is spent reading for it, so I’m thinking of leaving the courier behind some days. How freeing! Yours all the more.


  2. Do you have an ipad too? I was wondering how you use both, if you do. I have also been wondering about an ipad mini…


    • I just have an iPad mini. Gave my iPad 2 to my mum as soon as I got the mini. No need (in my view) to have both. And the iPad mini is so much more portable and lighter.

      Definitely win/win.


      • Thanks! I love my iPad, and I think I would use it much more if it was just that little bit more portable. I’m a big omnifocus user too, and a mini with o ni focus, could be ideal. Time for a trip to the apple store to have a play. 🙂


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