Race Report: Royal Parks Half-Marathon 2012

The weather was perfect, the crowd was amazing and my training actually paid off. Plus loads of smiles and a friendly welcome from the team at Epilepsy Action.

After the Edinburgh half-marathon, I aimed to once again bring down my time. I completed Edinburgh in 1:49, so wanted to bring this down to a slightly faster 1:45.

Today, I smashed that and came in at 1:42. So pleased with the result and the fact that I managed a good steady race, no injury and even had enough energy left to head into town for a massive feed at Carnaby Burger. I felt I deserved the metric ton of fried food that arrived at our table.

Unlike last year, I didn’t burn up all my reserves by 18kms and had a little saved in the tank for the final kilometre. In fact, the last kilometre was my fastest of the entire race. I really pulled out the stops and sprinted home – dreading seeing the final pics as I cross the line. I’m sure I looked like I was about to have a stroke!

Royal Parks Half-Marathon 2012: What a great day!

Now back at home, feet firmly up on the couch and a mug of tea in hand…and thinking of the next challenge. The potential to run the London Marathon next year raises its head. I wonder if I’ll get a place in the ballot?

Right now, my feet aren’t too keen on the idea. But if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from the last few years of running: I perform best when I have a goal to work towards. And what could be better than running in the London Marathon?

Finally, HUGE thanks to everyone who donated to my sponsorship drive for this race. So far, I’ve raised over £350 for Epilepsy Action. I’m leaving the page open for a couple more weeks, so if you feel in any way impressed by the above heroics – or just want to help out a very deserving charity – then drop a couple of quid over here.

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