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Nexus no more

Um. I have a confession to make.

After racing around much of San Francisco and L.A. just a few short months ago, all in an attempt to buy a brand new Google Nexus 7 tablet, I’ve just sold the one I eventually bought when I got back to London.


Numerous reasons, but it was ultimately a tough decision. First, the reasons I really, really liked the Nexus 7.

It was cheap as hell. Seriously, compared to the two iPads I’ve bought (original and iPad 2) it was almost disposable. SO cheap. And yet powerful. It raced along, just as fast as my old iPhone 4S. It was light, stable, well made and the perfect size for bringing everywhere.

On the other hand…

I just couldn’t get my head around Android. Ultimately, 99% of my favourite iOS apps had equivalents on Android and they ranged from the excellent (Kindle, Instapaper) to the not so great (Path was a bit meh). I missed my most important app – OmniFocus – and relied on the version on my iPhone. But after a while, I noticed just how cruddy the built in calendar and email apps were – and just couldn’t find decent alternatives. I kept relying on my iPhone more and more.

It also didn’t play well with iTunes and it was just a chore to get media content on the device. Now that iPads and iPhones update content over the air (podcasts etc.), it felt very old school to have to plug in the Nexus to my iMac.

I have both feet firmly in the Apple ecosystem – not because I think it’s inherently and absolutely superior, it just works for me. Your mileage may vary. But because of this, the Nexus was a jarring exception to everything. And after a while, it started to gather dust on my desk.

So it was sold – for damn near the original price! – to help pay for my new iPhone 5.

This shouldn’t be interpreted as some damning critique of the Nexus 7. If you don’t dabble with the Apple (you can use that one again, if you like) then the Nexus represents an excellent and cost-effective tablet. If you are an Apple user and don’t mind plugging your tablet in regularly, then again, just go for it.

Am I excited about the prospect of an iPad Mini?

Damn right. If Apple can create come thing with the same weight, form factor and price but with iOS built in and over the air syncing and interface with  iTunes, then I’m in.

And I’m sure I won’t be alone.

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