Race Report: Edinburgh Half-Marathon

EDI Half

Finishing the Edinburgh half-marathon. Despite the crazy course (running from Edinburgh centre out to Musselburgh, one-way?!), the crowded start and multiple pot-holes, it was a great run.

I came in at 1:49, which I was really pleased with. With hindsight, I could have taken another minute or two off that, but I was concerned about running out of gas too early. I also made the shocking mistake of trying out a new energy gel half-way through.

Not a great idea. It hit my stomach like battery acid and I think it’ll be a while before I try one again.

Despite the early, cold start, the day ended in glorious sunshine. Perfect for a run by the sea.

I was also joined by my new race support team: Frank and my mum, who also drove me out to the race start and picked me up at the other end. Otherwise, I would have had to get a coach back into town, along with a few hundred other stinky, sweaty runners.

I managed to get a couple of hours lying in the sun back at my parents’ place before the flight back to London. A really enjoyable run – I think I may be hooked on this half-marathon lark!

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