More brain fail

Don’t worry, my epilepsy hasn’t kicked off again. I’m just an idiot.

Last night, I went to bed early, set my alarm and was asleep at a reasonable hour. I wake up to the radio (the Today programme on Radio 4) rather than an alarm. Klaxon-like alarms scare the bejeesus out of me and I much prefer to wake up slowly. Similarly, I like to fall asleep while listening to Classic FM.

Please note, I’m not yet 50, I just sound that way.

Anyway, from a deep sleep I was woken by my radio, with sombre voices reading news headlines. My first thought was “What a crappy night’s sleep” as I was absolutely shattered. Felt like I’d barely slept.

I threw back the duvet, swung my legs out of bed and stood up. Only because I picked up my iPad was absolute disaster avoided. I turned it on to check my email only to see the clock: 12:10am. I’d been asleep for about 90 minutes. No wonder I was cream crackered!

I’ve no idea why the alarm went off six hours too early – it was Hallow’een, so it was probably a poltergeist, right? I was relieved at the prospect of more sleep but also scared at how close I’d been to leaving the bedroom and getting into the shower.


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