A 21st Century “spring clean”

Despite my stinking cold (which is developing into a charming cough, thanks for asking) I’m still engaged in the “great declutter of 2011″. Threw away (and recycled!) and TON of paperwork and old magazines last weekend. This weekend, it’s all about the DVDs.

I’m in the middle of ripping and saving favourite films and TV shows. They’ll stay in iTunes for playing via the Apple TV. The rest? A mixture of “why did I ever get this?” and “I don’t remember getting this!” which are being donated to family, neighbours and friends…

It’s leading to an enormous strain on my various hard drives, so I’m planning to buy us a Drobo, to act as a home media server. All music, movies and tv shows will live there in future. We can then watch them on TV (via Apple TV) or on an iPad, after syncing the content across. I’m determined to avoid buying/receiving any more DVDs, where the content can be bought electronically.

Without wanting to sound like someone on BBC4 who calls themselves a “technology evangelist”, physical media take up space. I live in London. We’re short on space and with a planned move next year, I don’t want to haul a massive DVD, comic and book collection with me.

Books will be next. Aside from academic text books and some old favourites, I have electronic copies of all my books. Most of the remainder will be given away over the next few weeks. Shamefully, I have some paperbacks I received as gifts that have never been opened. I read them electronically instead. It was just easier.

So, decluttering is the order of the day. It’s actually very liberating and a reminder of how much “stuff” we actually accumulate, often without really realising it. It’s a very “western” affliction, I’m sure.

Those who know me personally know I will never be “zen” and minimalist… but I’m trying to move in that direction and become less of a hoarder.

I’m hoping that having less “stuff” will make me focus less on “stuff” and more on what really matters.

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