The final countdown

With just over a week until my first half-marathon, I’m finally wondering how the hell I’m going to complete it. To be blunt, the last six weeks of my life were eaten up by completing my doctoral dissertation, so running took a back seat.

This was brought home to me yesterday when I went for a run here in Mallorca, where I’m spending the weekend. I ran a sluggish 10k, albeit in 25C and unrelenting sun, and was pretty wiped out by the time I got home.

Not good.

I need to fit in another couple of runs before Sunday next weekend. Or the half-marathon will be pure pain.

If I’m honest, one of the things that kept me going yesterday was the fact that I’ve hassled so many people for sponsorship. I need to finish this, my first halfie, if only to prove to naysayers that I can do it.

And raise money for a deserving charity. You can still help out, by visiting http://www.justgiving.com/macpsych and making a donation. I’m just over half way to my target and it would mean a lot to be able to hand over £500 to Epilepsy Action by the time I finish the event.

In good news, I’m not in agony today, just a little stiff. I am, however, experiencing a horrific case of runner’s nipple. Time spent in the sea yesterday afternoon was like putting an ice-cube on them, and quite the relief.

Too much information?

Went for a long walk this morning, rather than a run. I’ll be back out running in the sun tomorrow morning. In other good news, London’s current unseasonal hot weather should have passed by next Sunday so I’m unlikely to collapse from heatstroke.

It’s also great to be here in Spain to get some good runs in. I always run faster here, by setting off on the Ruta Cycloturisma, a great pedestrian and cycle path linking up the towns on the south coast. It’s a runner’s dream. Smooth, separate from traffic and well lit for evening runs. The are regular signposts detailing distance and lots of places to stop for a water top-up along the way.

Meeting other runners along the way is also nice. You can exchange the usual “jogger’s nod”, acknowledging each other as you pass. I tend to see the same people out running when I’m here, though none of us ever stop to say hello – you really just want to keep going!

Yesterday’s run: 10k in 60mins, average pace 5’59″ / km.

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