Another landmark on my route to completing my doctorate: I submitted a completed draft of my dissertation for review. This is draft three, so why is it a landmark? Hopefully, it’s the last one before formal submission next month. I’ve just spent the last four days editing and re-writing much of my dissertation, based on feedback to date. And, as they say, third time’s the charm.

Then, it’s big boys’ school and I get to sit my viva exam, after which I’ll either a) cry with relief that it’s all over, b) cry at the number of significant re-writes and amendments I need to make or c) never speak of the doctorate again.

This has been hanging over me for years now. Everything I’ve read – and written – on this topic has been working towards this end goal of submitting my dissertation. Even after days of final proofing, I caught an error as soon as I emailed it to my supervisor. It’s no biggie and I’ll sort it out before formal submission. I just know there’ll be others even after more fine-tooth comb checking – that’s life.

At this stage, all I want is to avoid a situation where the external examiner throws the dissertation at me and asks me to stop calling myself a psychologist, as I’m such a disgrace to the profession.

Setting the bar quite low, then.

Watch this space.

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