50 days to go

Just 50 days to go until my first half-marathon (The Royal Parks Half). This morning, I ran my longest training run and covered 20km of London’s finest streets.

I woke up feeling quite rough, actually – due to disturbed sleep. So I only intended a quick 5k to blow off the cobwebs. But while I was out, the sun on my face, the music on my iPhone and the great scenery combined to urge me on.

I thought I’d stretch the run into a 10k, but by the time I reached Embankment I was loving every minute of it. I kept going.

So the total run went something like this:

Wapping -> Narrow Street -> The Highway -> Embankment -> over Westminster Bridge -> Vauxhall… and back, with many twists and turns in between. Mostly due to tourists walking five-abreast on the pavement.

I love this run. I pass Tower Bridge, the wonderful buildings along Embankment, the Houses of Parliament and all of the action on the river. My only challenge is dodging people and kamikaze cyclists breaking lights.

As always, a reminder why I’m doing all of this. I’m running the Royal Parks Half-Marathon to raise money for Epilepsy Action. My target is £1000, but I’ve only raised 16% of what I need. You can help!

Access my fundraising page here and donate what you can. Alternative, if you’re in the UK, just text RICH76 £1 to 70070 to donate a pound to my fund, You can of course donate more if you’d like :-)

Thanks in advance for your generosity.

Run summary: 20.1km in 1hr 51mins. 5mins 34 sec per km.

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