A most excellent weekend in Edinburgh

After what was, even by my standards, a monumentally shitty week, this weekend in Edinburgh was glorious. It was definitely helped by the weather, but also by finally feeling like I’m flushing more of the vile epilepsy meds out of my system. My mood has improved and I’m slightly less physically tired. Still mentally sluggish (no laughing at the back) and napping like an old crone, but better than I was this time one week ago.

The only problem was I completely missed my nephew’s fourth birthday, the whole reason I stay up here for the weekend. This was due to a particularly nasty outbreak of chickenpox in his household and I’ve yet to experience the delights of that particular illness. I had to keep my distance and so I sent my gifts (and apologies) via my parents and spent the Saturday engaged in retail therapy in the very welcome Edinburgh sunshine. A quick phone call with the little man in question confirmed the Toy Story railway set and selection of goodies from the GAP went down well.

Edinburgh is one of my favourite cities in the world, but it is just no damned grey and bleak for much of the year. This weekend it was boiling and so we managed to get some sun-bathing in too. Princes Street Gardens was just gorgeous and the people-watching was priceless. Locals couldn’t believe their luck when they looked up at the sky and so stripped off left, right and centre. This worked better for some people than others.

From a food perspective, we had some great meals. I can now thoroughly recommend Bar Roma, where I had the best veal of my life and the Cafe Royal, where I enjoyed some excellent venison. (Sorry to the animal lovers out there, but it was really delicious). On a related note, we enjoyed a proper picnic (hamper and all) in the sun this morning in one of Edinburgh’s beautiful walled gardens.

I’m definitely finishing this week on a high and not as worried about what the coming week will bring. Awaiting a flight back to London City right now, still glowing slightly from this morning’s sun.

So much packed in to a single weekend – am counting my blessings for sure.

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