A recipe for success

Surprisingly, my plan of fueling dissertation-writing with sugar and caffeine worked yesterday. After a big lunch, I experienced the traditional “post-lunch dip” and felt sluggish, tired and generally disinterested in the document on the screen in front of me. I mean, more than usual.

Two cups of strong coffee and a couple* of pieces of baklava later, I was whizzing along. Not just writing quickly, but writing well. Re-reading yesterday’s words (and edits) confirms that I really need caffeine and sugar to write well.

Just as well this is the last degree I’ll be doing (for at least ten years), otherwise I’d turn into one of those guys who has to be removed from his home by a crane before being carted to the hospital on the back of a flat-bed truck.

This experiment was so successful, that I’m going to replicate it today, just to see if I can get the same results. Four delicious pieces of pistachio baklava are waiting for me downstairs. Needless to say, there is also coffee, courtesy of Mr. Douwe Egberts.

But first I’ll need to have a heavy lunch, to repeat the conditions from yesterday. This means having another monster (home-made) vegetarian burrito for lunch.

Better get that crane and flat-bed truck ready.


(*Actually, four pieces)

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