Back in the saddle…

And so we enter the second weekend of the “Great Doctoral Dissertation re-Write of 2011″. For those of you not bored rigid by my frequent twitter references to my doctorate, a quick update.

I’m on draft number 2 of this monstrosity and have a gazillion (I’ve counted) edits and amendments to implement before it’s worthy of another glance from my supervisor. Fresh eyes on any document are useful and the initial review of the first draft highlighted some real cringe-worthy clangers on my part. It made for some painful reading and was an exercise in self-retraint.

Yes, there is such as thing as being too close to your subject. And no, bullet points do not add to the clarity of my arguments. Furthermore, the reader won’t necessarily be gifted with clairvoyance and so some more detail around the details of statistical analysis would be most welcome.

You get the picture.

It’s time to get ruthless on the fat and just strip it out – no matter how long it took me to write the first time round. Time to swallow my pride and implement some Cameron-like cuts.

Only a few more weekends like this before submission of a second draft, one that will hopefully be significantly closer to the final version. Weekends fueled by caffeine and comfort-food (today’s comfort-food of choice is baklava) in a sprint to reach the finish line after several years of jogging along. The kind of pointless jogging where you’re moving slowly enough to be able to hold a conversation, or sing along with the Glee soundtrack on your iPod.


Time to get back to writing.

But first, another coffee.

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