Not everyone loves the iPad

John Swansburg certainly doesn’t. He describes his extreme case of buyer’s remorse in this great piece on Slate.com:

I admit that I bought my iPad for the wrong reasons. I got one because it seemed like everyone I knew had gotten one for Christmas and, well, I felt left out. I didn’t think about how it would fit in with the gadgets I already owned (laptop, Kindle, iPhone), and I didn’t borrow a friend’s and take it on a test drive.

Now I just feel annoyed, having spent $600 on a device that hasn’t done anything to improve my life. A salad spinner would have been a better investment, and I don’t even eat that much salad.

He admits to preferring the Kindle for ereading and is frustrated by typing on the iPad’s virtual keyboard. I have to say I’m used to both of these now and find e-ink readers quite strange to read for very long. I’ll never write a novel using the virtual keyboard and prefer a bluetooth keyboard for anything longer than an email. John also criticises the lack of flash, but I made my peace with that long ago and have even yet to install it on my Macbook Air.

Read on for the rest of the piece, as well as some illuminating reader comments…

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