London Life

Nearly there…

Londoners’ obsession with the Tube used to intrigue and annoy me in equal measure. Now I’m as obsessed as the rest of the people in this city…

If you’re a user of London Overground (of which the old East London Line is now a part), this may be of interest to you. Londonist have some great pics of the final piece of tunneling going on to join up the East London Line to Highbury & Islington. Apparently the link will be made at the end of February and passengers will then be able to travel all the way from Croydon (should they wish) to Highbury & Islington without changing.

The project is the final part of phase one of the Overground link between Croydon and Dalston Junction that opened earlier this year. The section of that railway north of Shoreditch High Street was built mostly on the existing infrastructure of a line that closed in 1986. The new section continues with that trend, curving northwest out of Dalston Junction, before running in parallel to the North London line to Canonbury and then terminating at Highbury & Islington, where there is an interchange with Overground services to Richmond and Clapham Junction, and the Victoria line.

Me? I’m just looking forward to the Southern Extension, so I can get to Clapham without befouling myself on the Northern Line.

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