Something’s coming

Finally. A blog post by the chaps over at Cultured Code regarding a cloud-based sync solution for their excellent Things application.

For those of you ignoring my various posts on the topic over the last century and a half, Things is a powerful To-Do list manager for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. It allows you to apply the ‘Getting things Done’ methodology, which for me means the difference between remembering to turn up at meetings and sitting at my desk with a vague sense of unease that I’ve forgotten something important.

Things has evolved, albeit slowly. And one of the most requested pieces of functionality as been cloud-based syncing. In other words, if you make a change to your various to-do lists on Things on your iPhone, this change is synchronised over the air and the information passed to all other versions of Things on your other devices. Think “Mobile Me” or “DropBox”. Right now, you have to sync Things between your various devices over the same network, via your Mac. Think about that. It means being in the same physical location to ensure everything is in sync.

Why is this a pain?

Well, sometimes I’m on the tube and I remember something I want to remember later (work with me here) and whip out my iPhone to make a note in Things before the inspiration evaporates from my little mind. Instantly, my iPhone contains information that my iPad doesn’t. And if, with more time on my hands, I update tasks on my iPad when I’m in a cafe, it means that the information contained on the two devices is now even more out of whack. And seriously different to what’s going on at home, on my iMac.

(I realise I’ve probably lost about 99% of you reading this right now…)

An ideal cloud-based solution would simply pass the new information to the cloud and then download and sync it with each device as it made contact with the net. It would also represent a form of back up of all the lists and tasks.

I really, really hope this is what Cultured Code are working on. I could do without the kind of information conflicts that MobileMe regularly vomits in my direction up.

It sounds like Cultured Code are listening to their users and have indicated this is the first of a series of blog posts aimed at keeping us up to date on developments. The light at the end of the tunnel? They’re talking about months to get it implemented. Not years.

I’ll take that as a win.

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