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iBooks upgrade on the way?

The ever-wonderful 9to5Mac is reporting some soon-to-be-implemented improvements to Apple’s iBooks software, including some functionality I’ve been seeking since day one. Read the linked article for the full scoop, but the thing that most caught my eye was the ability to add ‘collections’ of ebooks.

So, instead of the mammoth virtual bookshelf that faces me every time I open iBooks, I could have neatly organised collections, including “Books I’m reading now”, “Books to read next” or author-based collections.

To anyone who doesn’t use iBooks, this will seem like a minor detail. And I realise it may indeed sound incredibly anal – but think about iTunes and if you couldn’t organise playlists but instead had thousands of individual tracks… The final insult is the fact that Sony have had this built into their eReaders from the very start – as a former eReader ownder, I was surprised to see Apple hadn’t included it.

(Then again, iPhones only got the ability to copy and paste relatively recently, so we should be thankful for small mercies).

If this rumour does materialise in the form of an upgrade to iBooks, I will be one very happy iPad owner. I’d be even happier with a Mac-based version of iBooks, rather than having to use iTunes to sync the content. We’ll see what the update brings…

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