No, not the “nice car… wouldn’t it be a shame if something happened to it” kind of protection. Protection for gadgets. The regular reader of this blog (I know you’re out there somewhere) will know I’ve recently spent a shed-load (technical banking terminology there) on Apple gadgets, including a new Macbook Air, an iPhone 4 and an iPad. Not, I hasten to add, on the same day. What a day that would be…

The same thought occurred to me each time: “how do I prevent this beautiful object – which I will use on a daily basis – from getting scratched to blazes and eventually smashed to pieces on some London pavement?”

As my iPad has rarely left my hands since purchase, getting it nicely protected from the elements and my own innate clumsiness was a priority. I’ve given up calculating how much I’ve spent on interim solutions in the form of cheap cases and covers for this… all the time rationalising the purchase as a stopgap until “the” solution is finally found. I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time researching iPad cases on the net and never found anything that met my needs.

Until a couple of weeks ago. And, surprisingly, it wasn’t thanks to the net.

I was in a meeting at work when I noticed a new client had a particularly snazzy case for her iPad. Hers was in a fetching – if not exactly my cup of tea – red leather. During a coffee break, we bonded over our mutual love affair with all things Apple and I asked if I could take a look at the case. And there it was: the ultimate case. I squealed (silently) with delight and immediately set about finding how I could get one of my own. In black, obviously.

Fast forward two days and I was in the Apple Store (for the second day in a row, but that’s another story) and buying my very own Sena Folio for the iPad. Don’t ask me how I managed to miss this one in my previous trawls for a case. Before handing over my credit card for this one, I had to ask myself if I was willing to part with £70 for an iPad case. In short, the answer was a resounding yes.

Basically, I’d splashed out £600 to buy the iPad, so felt it was worth keeping in tip top condition. Added to this is the fact that I use it everywhere, not just in the safety of my own (carpeted) apartment. I regularly got worried handling it on the tube, imagining it spilling out my hands and smashing to pieces on the platform. Or even worse, being plucked from my grasp by some passed tea-leaf.

This new case is solid, leather and easy to keep a hold of. Plus, it looks professional enough to take out in front of clients. Finally, somewhat counterintuitively, it makes the iPad look less like an iPad and therefore less of a target for would be gadget-thieves.

Rationalisation? Perhaps. But at the very least, the case will keep my iPad in pristine re-sale condition for when the iPad 2 comes out.

As far as I’m concerned, it’s already paid for itself. At a conference in Manchester earlier this week, the iPad was launched from a stool onto a tiled floor two feet below. Not. A. Problem. For the iPad… my blood pressure was another matter entirely.

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