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It’s like a Macbook, only smaller

Last Sunday, I made my fastest ever Apple purchase. I went into the Regent Street Apple Store to see the new Macbook Air models in the flesh – my other half had ordered one online and I was very keen to see what all the fuss was about. In short: I came, I saw… it conquered me. A couple of hours later, I walked out with an 11″ Macbook Air in my sweaty little hands. What happened in between?

Firstly, I spent about 10 minutes playing with both the 11″ and 13″ models. This was after forcing my way through the crowds – seriously, these things are flying off the shelves. Then, I went off to ask one of the helpful (if a little earnest) Apple staff about education discounts. As a doctoral student, I can still swing discounts in a host of places. I just wasn’t sure what I was entitled to. Moments later, I found out I was entitled to a whopping 14% discount, but quickly left the store, fingers tingling, before I could hand over my credit card.

I spent the next couple of hours having lunch and doing some other shopping, all the time the Macbook Air calling to me from Regent Street. It was inevitable. We walked back to the Apple Store and I started the purchasing process. “Process?” I hear you ask? Yes, my simple purchase of an off-the-shelf model involved a veritable interview (some would say inquisition) with a member of the Apple team, all about my university course. Did I look like I was trying to blag a student discount? I waved my card around for all to see and they even had me log in to my university email account in front of them. Duly satisfied, they went off to get me my laptop.

Honestly, if it weren’t for the 14% discount, I would have walked.

After admitting to all and sundry on Twitter that I’d bought yet another Apple device, I was appropriately mocked and then promised to share some photos of the device online. These are included below, after a brief review.

In short, this is one amazing device. Despite having a 1.4GHz processor and 2GB of RAM, this runs very snappily indeed. Seriously, it even plays nice with the retarded sloth known as Office for Mac. It is light as a feather and thin as… a very thin thing. Start up is also super-speedy. It’s the perfect secondary computer. In other words, I couldn’t use it as my primary computer – I have an iMac for that. It only has two USB ports and no SD card slot. With only 128GB of memory, you can’t back up your entire digital life on this. But for business travel, presentations, training and so on – this little laptop is just perfect.

On top of everything else, it’s gorgeous. I’m just back from a business trip to Manchester and used the Macbook on the train there and back. On both journeys, complete strangers approached me and asked me questions about the laptop, all simply wanting to touch it to see just how light it is.

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