Down Periscope…

So now I need to make up for my utter lack of doctorate-related productivity last weekend. Happily, I’m in a much more positive (and productive) frame of mind this morning – I anticipate reaching my word count goal and wrapping up the draft of this chapter today and tomorrow.

In between, I get to have a fabulous dinner at the top of a London landmark. I’m not saying where right now, but photos will follow tomorrow. Suffice to say the meal – and location – are motivating. I have the apartment to myself all day today, so no excuses not to thrash out a few thousand (quality) words before dinner tonight.

Considering the projected workload next week (including business travel and all-day training sessions) this weekend’s doctoral output is especially important, just to keep on track.

Wish me luck!

1 comment on “Down Periscope…

  1. Sounds great-looking forward to piccies 🙂


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