Today was supposed to be all about the doctorate. I was aiming to get a few thousands words of quality discussion written and begin the new work week satisfied I was still making progress.

That was not to be.

From the off, I’ve had difficulty focusing on the dissertation this morning. Ironically, the couple of hours I spent on it yesterday were so much more productive, when I didn’t really intend to get much done at all. So for the first time in ages, I acknowledged my procrastination and tried to do something useful while simultaneously avoiding any guilt about “work”.

So what have I got to show for the past few hours? I re-built my laptop and tidied up my iTunes library. Both necessary evils that kept me occupied. I also cleaned the bathroom (a clear indication, if ever there was, of my determination to avoid writing about work-life balance…). I sorted out some personal finance bits and bobs that had been hanging over me, including canceling a mobile broadband contract with T-Mobile. (Which, as it turned out, was incredibly painless).

My advice to you, therefore: if you want to get the most out of your Sunday afternoon, make sure you’ve got a pressing deadline to meet and you’ll find the time to get everything else done instead.

As for me, there’s always next weekend.

3 comments on “Procrastination

  1. Isn’t that the fact? Probably accomplished more during that 2 hours than anything in the past month. “Call___ or dismantle the vac?” same leverage!


  2. I actually washed the refrigerator magnets this weekend. I should really invite my family over, they would be impressed.


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