Running in London, Part 4356731

I went out for a run in the sunshine this morning, hoping to get out and back before it got too hot – not something that you usually have to plan for here in London. My usual run takes me from Wapping out to Westminster and back and is a very scenic backdrop. Aside from the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, there are all the other beautiful buildings that line the Thames on either bank, as well as the not-so-beautiful (Royal Festival Hall… I’m looking at you).

There’s always something interesting to see among the various people I encounter. Aside from mobs of running gorillas, there are all the street entertainers and the very diverse tourist population. The latter also represent an assault course of sorts, as they have a tendency to walk in one direction while looking in another.

This morning, I saw another interesting sight on the banks of the Thames… a piano, left out for the public to play. It was surrounded by a gaggle of Italian tourists, who egged each other on to sit down and start playing. My fingers started to itch, as it’s been a while since I’ve played a real piano. My indecision was my downfall, as one middle-aged chap sat down, dramatically stretched his fingers above his head and started to play…. Moonlight Sonata. This is the piano equivalent of someone trying to play “Stairway to Heaven” on the guitar. I winced. He was terrible.

Musical snobbery aside, everyone enjoyed this little impromptu concert. I stopped running to listen for a while, take in the breeze coming down the river and enjoy the sun for a moment.


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