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The iPad cometh…

Despite all of the rumours that international iPad deliveries would again be delayed, I got an email from Apple yesterday confirming that my iPad has shipped. So we’re still on track for Friday 28th as iPad day in this household. I have no doubt that it will make its way smoothly from China to the UK… it’s just the journey from the airport of arrival to my apartment that has me worried. Regardless of which courier company Apple use, my experience of couriers and parcel companies in the UK has been an unmitigated disaster.

Luckily, I had already booked Friday off from work, so will be at home working on my doctorate anyway. However, I’ll have to periodically check that the delivery people haven’t simply dumped the parcel in the foyer of my building as they seem to do with every other parcel. And that includes “signed for” and “Special Delivery”.

I’ve already downloaded a ton of apps for the iPad and will be purchasing some essentials once the device arrives. Then it’s off to the Apple Store to buy a case and some other peripherals.

Just how obsessed do I sound at this point?

Photos and a review of the iPad once I get my hot little hands on it next Friday.

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