Tired of Facebook?

I know I am. And at the moment, it’s not unlike this video:

I’m actively considering deleting my profile, mostly because Facebook don’t seem to care a jot about my privacy. That, and I’m getting sick of the spam-like invitations to exchange non-existent items or work on non-existent farms. I’m bored with the over-the-top demands to sign unreasonable petitions or engage in pointless boycotts which are based on shaky evidence at best.

But each time I go to cancel my Facebook account, I’m plagued by the question: is there an alternative?

Well, is there?

6 comments on “Tired of Facebook?

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  2. Unfortunately there is no real alternative at this point. MySpace is 100 times worse and while there are decent imitations out there, everyone is on Facebook. It would be difficult to switch if everyone you know doesn’t do the same.

    I just turn off all the annoying Facebook apps and notifications and try to keep the personal information I share to a minimum.


    • God yes, MySpace is shocking… a real assault on the senses.

      I’ve purged my FB profile of apps and ignore all invites from friends that involve signing up for more.

      Still, will keep my eyes open for an alternative 🙂


  3. “Facebook downplays privacy crisis meeting”

    They’re obviously worried 🙂


  4. What’s really bad is they keep your information on file, there’s no real deleting of the account. That ticked me off.

    Better place: yes, Vox! Vox, vox, vox. Like a gated community with really cool people and great privacy settings. There are a few glitches but overall it’s the best one out there.


    • So true @Emmi a friend “deleted” their account a couple of years ago then after a round of facebook privacy changes he suddenly appeared again in my profile!


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