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I’ve done it…

Yes. I bit the bullet. I went online first thing yesterday morning and ordered my new iPad. If you know me at all, you’ll know this was almost inevitable. I loves me my gadgets, especially those from Apple. But the announcement of the iPad got me excited in a way no other gadget has for some time. Not even the iPhone.

And that’s saying something.

I opted for the wifi only model, as I already have a Mifi from 3 (which incidentally is amazing) and really couldn’t face another monthly mobile bill. After much wavering between the models, I swallowed hard and bought the 64Gb model. As I joked on Twitter, I’ll just have to put one of my kidneys on eBay…

I’m looking forward to testing its capability as an ebook reader (over 1400 books from my splurge as a Sony eReader owner – more than enough for the rest of my life), a comic reader and a multimedia tool. I’m looking forward to having all this functionality without having to haul my Macbook Pro around with me.

What I’m not looking forward to is the wait between now and its arrival. I know it will be like every other gadget delivery – I’ll spend far too long refreshing the package tracking page online and wondering why it says my parcel is still in China…

Expect a review and some pics at the end of the month.

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