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The mask slips… again

There’s less than a week to the election, one that looks almost certain to throw up a hung parliament. Unlike some commentators, I don’t necessarily see that as a bad thing. However, the Conservative Party is still leading in most polls, with some even suggesting they’ll get the most seats yet still fall shy of an overall majority. There is a chance, therefore, that the Conservatives could form the next government.

David Cameron has spent a lot of time attempting to convince voters that his party has changed, that he represents a new one-nation Tory party, a party with a more inclusive outlook. A Tory party with something for everyone.

And then there’s Philippa Stroud. She’s the Conservative candidate for Sutton and Cheam. She’s also the head of the Centre for Social Justice, a Conservative think-tank. What was less well-known, until the Observer’s front-page story, was the fact that she believes that gay people can be “cured” of their sexual orientation. Through prayer, to rid the person of demonic possession, no less.

Just another of Dave’s new inclusive and accepting Conservative Party.

Please use your vote wisely.

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