Adding insult to injury…

The Iris Robinson saga continues. As her husband recuses himself form the office of First Minister of Northern Ireland while a (semi) independent investigation is carried out, further details have emerged about the extent of her cheating. According to today’s Sunday Tribune:

Meanwhile, it emerged this weekend that Iris Robinson also had an affair with 19-year-old Kirk McCambley’s father, a butcher who died from cancer. She had another affair with a fellow DUP member in the 1980s which was witnessed by the security forces.

Looks like Northern Ireland’s favourite homophobe really has become unstuck this time. Even Ian Paisley is ticked off with her:

While Paisley shares Iris Robinson’s religious objections to homosexuality, he is said to be deeply disturbed that she was lecturing others while committing adultery.

However, the saddest thing about all of this is that the complex governmental arrangements in Northern Ireland, which have seen Sinn Fein and the DUP in government together, could collapse – resulting in a return to direct rule from Westminster and a souring in relations between parties in the North.

The Robinsons need to exit public life and allow the present government to continue – leaving them with space to work on their relationship. That is, if Peter Robinson has any interest in doing so now that these additional details have emerged.

Readers of this blog might feel that I have some sort of fixation on Iris Robinson. I can assure you I do not. However, this is a woman who made no secret of her biblical standards when it comes to sexuality and morality, including stating that homosexuality was worse that child abuse. An “abomination”. Her statements on this issue can only have contributed to levels of homophobia in Northern Ireland. As someone whom Iris would regard as worse that a paedophile, I think it’s only fair to highlight where Iris’s own behaviour has deviated from her stated high standards.

I’ll admit it’s tempting to quote some passages from Leviticus right back at her – something about adultery and stoning to death, perhaps. But I’m forced to admit that the last thing anybody needs in is more hate-filled biblical quotations on the internet.

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