Moir’s hate speech must be condemned

The odious Daily Mail was at it again today. One of its journalists ranters spewed forth a veritable bucket-load of bile, in the form of an ill-informed rant about the recent death of singer Stephen Gately. Casting aside facts, evidence and truth, Jan Moir managed to link Stephen’s status as a gay man (in a civil partnership no less!) to his untimely death. I was sickened when I read it. I don’t touch the Daily Mail, as it really is an offensive rag, but learnt of her diatribe via Twitter.

And thank jeebus for Twitter. “Jan Moir” is now a trending topic. As is “Daily Mail”.

In just a few hours, there was an incredible backlash against her hate-speech. A new Facebook group condemning her article has (at time of writing) over 2700 members. It also helpfully lists ways you can make your anger heard by the authorities, as well as the contact points for the businesses who advertised on the page today.

The Daily Mail has since edited the article online, changing its title. The orginal content remains here, so you can see for yourself what they originally thought fit to publish. All advertisements have since come down off the page, while apparently the Press Complaints Commission has been inundated with complaints. And rightly so.

All this on the day Stephen Gately’s family and friends are gathering in Dublin for his funeral.

If you agree, and feel that the homophobic, ill-informed rantings of Jan Moir should be challenged, you can email your feelings to the Press Complaints Commission at .

Finally, read Charlie Brooker’s critique of Moir’s filth here.

1 comment on “Moir’s hate speech must be condemned

  1. Wow, I didn’t heard about that up to the present. Cheers!


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