Not keen on the Kindle

Looks like I’m not alone in my aversion to the Kindle. The Guardian has polled readers and it looks like only about 20% have expressed an interest in getting one. Comments on the poll and following the article echo what I pointed out in my last post: DRM and a lack of control over content already paid for:

OK, and now some of the negative responses. Here we had 283 responses (55% of those answering no). Clearly, people actually feel strongly.

“Too expensive – and far more likely to become obsolete than a book.”

“I look at a computer screen all day long…why would I read a book on it.”

“Too expensive to ship here.”

“DRM [digital rights management]. When I spend 200 quid on a device I don’t want someone telling what I can and can’t use it for.” (Recall the1984 fiasco with the Kindle.)

“We’ve been treated like second class customers by Amazon. It’d a bit of a kerfuffle to get one and besides it’s not even the latest Kindle and don’t really want to carry an extra piece of hardware around with me.”

“It doesn’t support a wide enough range of formats. Comes with a US charger, a browser that probbly won’t work in the UK, and I would prefer to have Wi-Fi support rather than 3G.”

1 comment on “Not keen on the Kindle

  1. Completely unrelated except for digital devices…

    I was surprised to hear some apps in iTunes store are now charging for updates. Look, I get it, you want money.

    When I paid for an app and there’s an upgrade so that it RUNS better on my device, I think it’s complete crap to charge for an update!

    Charging when apps do more, well…but for those which stayed the same other than making them *work* on 3? No. For bug fixes? No. Unless it’s a major over-haul for the Holy Grail, I think it’s bullcrap.


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