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Since my last post on this, Vodafone have joined Orange in announcing plans to offer the iPhone in coming months. Very pleased about this as I’ve only ever heard good reports of Vodafone’s 3G network.

I’ve just had another few annoying 3G interruptions courtesy of O2’s network over the last week, and am increasingly frustrated at the service I get for over £40 a month. Listen O2, there’s no point in offering unlimited data if your customers can’t use it consistently. And for the record, I don’t live atop a Welsh mountain or in the highlands of Scotland. I live and work in Central London.

As with Orange, you can register your interested in Vodafone’s iPhone offering in advance of the launch here. Looks like it won’t be until early 2010, which suits me fine – my O2 slavery contract runs until the end of January.

Now that there’s going to be a few players offering the iPhone, I predict some nice offers for new customers and some reduced monthly contract prices. I would love to upgrade to the iPhone 3GS but not if it will still cost an arm and a leg even next year. The next few months will be interesting as Orange and Vodafone release more details.

As for O2, they’ve already announced that they won’t be lowering any prices in the face of competition. We’ll see how long that lasts!

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