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I’m prone to random bouts of insomnia. My worst recent one was at the beginning of 2008 when I went for days in a row on about an hour of sleep. I was so productive by night but akin to a zombie by day. Not a good look for the office, as you might imagine. The insomnia disappears just as suddenly (and inexplicably) as it arrives. After a few more sleepless nights last summer, I thought I had this licked.

Until last night.

I had a pretty quiet day, by anyone’s reckoning. Some shopping for groceries and a brave attempt at tidying up my personal finances. Far form being stressful, this left me with a real sense of achievement. I was pretty tired by 11pm and sloped off to bed to read a little. By midnight, I was wide awake and had that familiar feeling that sleep was nowhere near.

I snuck back upstairs to the living room and started to read the news on the web and caught up with some favourite blogs. I thought I’d need 30 minutes or so as I did feel sleepy. Three and a half hours later, having read virtually the entire internet, I was back in bed, staring at the ceiling. Sleep came – I’m not sure when – as did my 7am alarm. I’m convinced the two weren’t separated by much, so I turned over a went back to sleep.

I now feel jet-lagged, without the benefit of travelling anywhere interesting, and I’m already wondering if I’ll sleep tonight.

2 comments on “Insomnia…

  1. Argh!

    I’m a frequent no-sleeper / light sleeper (since a baby), so even if I am asleep, it takes little to wake me and then I’m up. :/

    I’m so sorry. It really, really stinks. ~~somnambulant thoughts your way…at the appropriate times~~


    • Thanks… am going out for the mother of all runs later on to ensure I’m appropriately tired before getting into bed tonight.

      There are few things more frustrating than not being able to sleep when you feel you need to.

      Fingers crossed the worst has passed…


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