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Pots and kettles…

Nice post from the ever-entertaining Friendly Atheist blog. What do you think was the response from Christian groups when 3000 muslims camped out and prayed in front of the US Capitol? Acceptance? Support? I don’t think so. It would appear that only one religious group has the right to conduct national days of prayer…

My favourite quote?

Right… Islam “forces its dogma down your throat.” Christians never do that…

Read the whole piece here. And the original Washington Post article can be read here.

6 comments on “Pots and kettles…

  1. Austin Allen

    You present a very legitimate point. You may have heard the Ghandi quote, “I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ.” It’s true. But let me challenge you to look at this in a different light. Christians are always going to be flawed simply because they are people and contain sinful human nature. The times Christians rise and achieve progress is through their faith in God as their Savior. When we focus on Christ instead of focusing on Christians, we see what is important to strive toward in life. If you remember this about people, it might be somewhat easier to understand why there is such huge hypocrisy.


    • Thanks for your comment, Austin. I think we can both agree that not all members of organised religions are going to be great representatives or examples of that faith. Unfortunately, it’s often the most vocal of religious people that give the majority a bad name.

      However, I (as someone who doesn’t believe in anyone’s god) have to disagree with your point about people containing sinful human nature. I’d like to see the good in people, and don’t want to start from the premise that a god is necessary for people to achieve progress (or indeed for them to be good people).

      I believe people should be free to find comfort in whichever religion or belief system they choose. That’s a personal freedom. But I also believe that someone else’s belief in a god or adherence to a belief system should have absolutely no impact on my life. That’s also a personal freedom.


  2. What I hear from a lot of people at work is that Liberals are “forcing their ideas” (and they claim it’s not only neighbors but Congress) down Conservatives’ throats.

    If that were true, I’d have National Healthcare and probably go back to being a teacher.

    Concerning the religious thing, I’m never very comfortable with any religion feeling the need to do sit-ins to influence politics. Do your good to your relatives, friends and neighbors. Feed the hungry, be a bringer of positivity and you’ll interest others in how you became so “good.” Shut up about politics or go live in another country. Mine is not a popular view these days–at least here, let me tell you. The Founding Fathers would be appalled at the codependent relationship of religion and state.


    • Agreed. Separation of Church and State is a real passion of mine. It annoys me that there are Church of England bishops in the House of Lords here (let alone that there *is* a House of Lords!). It’s 2009, not 1709.

      They can influence legislation and are there for no other reason than their religious affiliation. Nobody voted for them.

      And I reject the argument that all religions should be represented if one is. No religion *deserves* a place in any democratic parliament. If religious groups want to influence their adherents, that’s one thing. But don’t interfere with legislation that impacts everyone.

      The sooner House of Lords reforms sends these bishops on their way, the better.


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