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Postal Meltdown: Part Deux

So it would appear that I’m not paranoid – the postal service in London is indeed pants. The excellent Londonist blog has drawn my attention to some research the Guardian carried out on postal deliveries – by posting letters and timing their arrival all over the UK:

The newspaper posted 111 first-class letters at a King’s Cross post office, addressed to locations around the UK, taking note of when each was delivered. Letters to Eigg (population: 67) arrived within one postal day, and most of the letters sent to other non-London locations also arrived within a day of posting. Conversely, many of the letters addressed to London addresses took a week or more to arrive, if they arrived at all.

To clarify, Eigg is 554 miles from the post office at King’s Cross in London. It’s nothing to do with the complexity of the postal network or the distance the mail has to travel to its destination. The current state of London’s postal service is entirely the fault of an intransigent and belligerent union: the CWU. I suggest they rethink their current strategy before even more of Royal Mail’s business customers move to the competition.

As soon as the average London can choose to post with an alternative supplier, both Royal Mail and the CWU will be in real trouble.

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