“Calamity Coughlin” strikes again…

Unbelievable. This woman is basically the Deputy Prime Minister of Ireland (titled Tánaiste) and can’t tell the difference between Darwin and Einstein:

THE TANAISTE lived up to her ‘Calamity Coughlan’ nickname yesterday.

The gaffe-prone minister was left red-faced after she erroneously referred to the theory of evolution as having been formulated by Einstein.

To make matters worse, the Enterprise, Trade and Employment Minister had just mentioned the Government’s strategy of Building Ireland’s Smart Economy.

Speaking without notes to an invited audience of entrepreneurs to promote IDA Ireland’s “aggressive” new campaign to market Ireland aboard, Ms Coughlan touched on the idea of the survival of the fittest.

She said the IDA would be marketing Ireland as the innovation island — “like Einstein explaining his theory of evolution”.

A further illustrative quote, courtesy of Public Inquiry:

Earlier in the week Coughlan referred to the Green Party in Irish as na Glasrai (the vegetables) instead of An Comhaontas Glas

Christ on a bike. I would be embarrassed for her, except for the fact that I find her personally objectionable, feckless and a member of a political party the represents the closest thing Ireland has to a mafia.

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