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Chance of Mac Tablet receding?

“Beloved Technology Pundit” Andy Ihnatko had a great piece in the Chicago Sun-Times last week, discussing the potential arrival of an Apple Tablet. His rebuttal of the various rumours (and their sources) made for an interesting, if personally disappointing, read. He debunked many of the rumours I’d been pinning my Mac Tablet hopes on.

The clincher for me:

Apple has one of their usual big annual media events next month. But I’d be shocked if a tablet made any sort of appearance. The point of the September event is to show off new iPods (suitable for the holiday season) and a new edition of the iTunes software that makes it all work. Showing off a tablet at that event would be about as smart as ending an hourlong Presidential address about healthcare reform by commenting on a potentially incendiary local police incident with racial overtones.

My Apple addiction will have to be sated by the early release of Snow Leopard (though I’m going to be in Madrid when it comes out and will have an agonising week to kill without an OS upgrade).

Sad, I know.

The rumours of two versions of the Tablet also caused me (bizarre and illogical) stress. Which one to go for? The smaller model, aimed at consumers for entertainment purposes, or the larger, intended for the educational market? In my head, the latter looks like a better-designed Amazon Kindle DX and so wins hands down. Having said that, I’m not sure Steve Jobs et al considered what’s inside my head while designing this (potentially mythical) product.

As things stand, I’m wishing away the days until an announcement, which is pretty depressing considering over a week of those days are to be spent in the sunshine in Spain.

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