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It’s getting closer… is reporting how an interesting piece of the Apple Tablet puzzle has just fallen into place. Or not. Perhaps. That’s the thing with rumours. Often, they sound just attractive enough to be plausible.

In this case,’s readers have sent the blog screenshots of a survey they received from Borders, which makes reference to various ebook readers (e.g. Kindle) but also to an “Apple iPAD”.

(Pause for stunned silence)

I know. I gasped too. Not so much at the inclusion of the name, but at the name itself. It works and is a lot more natural than “iTablet” or “MacTablet” or even “iProd” (the PR nightmare for Apple in Northern Ireland would be hilarious though! Think about it…).

It’s now mid-August and the other rumours point to an Apple event the week commencing 7th September. Mere weeks away. And there lies the rub. My inner Apple fan-boy would love to see an iPad announced (and on sale!) early next month. I know, I’m weak and quite possibly addicted. But the nature of my job means that I could see how an iPad could easily replace my laptop for so many tasks while I’m out and about.

You might call that outright rationalisation and you wouldn’t be far wrong.

On the other hand, my weaker and less-influential inner financial planner is weeping at the thought of an additional monetary spend on Apple gadgetry. At the very least, this poor unheeded inner voice is hoping that the iPad will instead go on sale in the new year, giving me the opportunity to put aside a little cash and spend time convincing all of my family and friends to buy me Apple gift vouchers for Christmas and my February birthday.

That said, I think we both know who’ll win in the end.

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