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Goodbye Entourage, hello…Outlook?

So it would appear that the lovely people at Microsoft are going to give Mac users something special in the next version of MS Office for the Mac: Outlook is replacing Entourage.

Even though this isn’t due to happen for about a year, it has set Mac tongues wagging. For one thing, Entourage won’t be missed by many. I use it daily on my MacBook Pro as I need it for its exchange support for work. (As the only Mac user on the team, I have to make some compromises now and then!). It’s not the worst piece of software in the world, but it’s definitely no Outlook for Windows. It regularly crashes if I lose my wifi connection (or more likely 3G connection via the T-Mobile dongle – how can this be possible in central London?!) and takes an *age* to start up.

I’ve no idea if Microsoft’s Outlook for Mac will be any better, but to be honest I’m hoping that Apple’s implementation of exchange in the next version of Mac OSX will negate the need to use either Entourage or Outlook. Having my email in, work calendar in iCal and contacts in the Address book would suit me just fine.

Speaking of which, isn’t “Snow Leopard” due out any time now…?.

2 comments on “Goodbye Entourage, hello…Outlook?

  1. Mad Tante


    I read this earlier today! I have to use Entourage at work, as well, and it’s a PoS (not point-of-sale or the other common abbr.). In short, we have loads of problems with it and I’m not techie enough to understand the problem or solution, only the side-effects.

    I hope it will bring good things! I used the old Outlook Express years ago, on system 9 and it was fine. Nothing fancy but I just need the thing to work.


    • The inner workings of Entourage are also a mystery to me! When it crashes, it doesn’t really explain why – so I’ve no idea what I need to do about it. Not exactly helpful. Roll on Snow Leopard and whatever Exchange goodness it brings with it.


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