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This picture…

…more clearly illustrates how much of a wanker Silvio Berlusconi is than any of his ill-timed quips to the press. Supposedly representing Italy at the G20 conference, he’s behaving more like a moronic sports fan who’s just had the good fortune to secure a photo with his favourite football player.

For me, it’s the combination of slightly raised left eyebrow and thumb in the air that shows this man for what he truly is: a fame-obsessed non-entity.

Can’t he tell that Obama is laughing *at* him, not with him?

Grinning Idiot

3 comments on “This picture…

  1. Fantastic!
    Looking at it again it looks a little like he is getting his photo taken with two wax dolls, no?
    A bit scary actually.


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  3. Indeed. It’s scary he’s running a country the size of Italy, never mind multiple TV channels and other media outlets.

    A walking liability!!


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