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Pointless abuse of power…

Ireland’s Brian Cowen (slack-faced, growling Taoiseach – a bit like having your government run by the Churchill dog from the insurance ads) was rather offended by some pictorial renderings of his naked form. A ‘guerilla artist’ created some fine paintings of Cowen in the buff and hung them in Dublin galleries as a form of protest. So far, so hilarious.

Cowen’s hysterical over-reaction isn’t, however.

Fianna Fail, his fan-club political party, made protests to RTE, the national broadcaster, for even reporting the story. RTE withdrew the story, struck it from their online archives and issued a formal apology.


When Ireland’s economy is in melt-down mode, the government is about to announce a mini-budget in an effort to restore some public confidence, foreign investment is jumping ship faster at a rate of knots and unemployment is spiking – this.. THIS is what Brian Cowen takes time to focus on? He sends the cops in.

From the Irish Independent:

“It is remarkable that a member of An Garda Siochana can turn up at a radio station within 24 hours of an item being aired, but that when it came to investigating suspected wrongdoing at Anglo Irish Bank, it took the authorities weeks to finally raid their offices,” Labour Senator Alan Kelly said.

Quite. The proverbial dogs in the streets new that Anglo Irish was heading for a fall and that there was a golden circle of filthy bent businessmen (and I use the term loosely) profiting from it. Took Cowen Inc quite a while to get riled up about that. But take a swipe at the ‘glorious leader’ and all hell breaks loose.

One of Cowen’s apparatchiks was on the news mewing about respect for the office of the Taoiseach. I – and I’m not alone – believe that respect has to be earned. Cowen took over from a disgraced Bertie Ahern and was never directly elected as Taoiseach in a general election. He has not earnd the respect of the electorate – as polls would indicate – and should start focusing on turning the country round.

Even Fine Gael couldn’t do a worse job than Cowen’s vain, preening mob. Power-hungry, feckless toe-rags, the lot of them.

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