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Next time, try the train…

Ireland’s Tourism minister was taking a helicopter from Waterford to Killarney (as you do) when one of the doors flew off at 500ft. Possibly a karmic retribution for taking such an insanely expensive and polluting method of transportation while the Irish economy is going down the toilet, in any case, the Air Corps crew got Martin Cullen safely to the ground. Whereupon he commandeered another helicopter to take him to Dublin.

What a dick.

I hope he reflected on what he had said to journalists while at the Irish Hoteliers Federation meeting in Killarney:

A short time earlier, the tourism minister had told journalists at the IHF meeting in Killarney that he plans to travel business or first class when he goes away for St Patrick’s Day, despite the downturn.

“I’ll be travelling internationally and Ryanair don’t fly where I’ll be going to,” he said. Mr Cullen stressed the benefit of St Patrick’s Day trips, saying they offered “an opportunity that is the envy of everyone” all over the world.

Mr Cullen’s travels also made the headlines last month when it emerged that he and three officials ran up a staggering €67,000 bill during a three-week trip to Beijing for the Olympic Games last summer.(Irish Independent)

This is a kind of arrogance and hubris that should result in Cullen and his Fianna Fail chums getting decimated at the next general election. But the Irish electorate are well known for their short memories, so they’ll probably vote them back in, perhaps in a different coalition, but with their slimy, dishonest hands firmly grasping the reins of power.

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