Christian Bale’s Rant – the dance track

An extremely NSFW (but very amusing) remix of Christian Bale’s recent blow-up on set… set to music it sounds almost poetic. And not in the least bit psychotic.

Enjoy (with earphones, if you’re at work!)

  1. Frankly, I support Mr. Bale on this one. He’s under a lot of pressure, working hard and some twit wanders into his line of vision, breaking his concentration and for an actor as intense as Christian Bale, that’s a no-no. The director should have ripped a piece off the DP as, if Bale is to be believed, it wasn’t the first time the cameraman was guilty of the infraction.



  2. Agree entirely. I don’t blame anyone for losing their rag in a highly stressful situation like this.



  3. I remember “newsies” fairly well. I watched it on the Disney channel when I was a little girl. Peace out.



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