I’m in love…

…or perhaps, more accurately: lust.

The object of my affection is not a person, but (unsurprisingly) a gadget. It’s the new P-series Vaio netbook notebook from Sony. (It’s definitely not a netbook… according to Sony. Wired explain all here). It’s not what I’d usually faun over – for a start, it’s not made by Apple. It’s a Sony product, and I’m not a huge fan. Also, it runs Vista, an abomination I’ve so far managed to avoid. But the experiences of friends, family and colleagues are enough to assure me I’ve had a lucky escape.

So what’s so great about the Vaio? A picture is worth at least three paragraphs of my scrawling:


Putting it into context, this computer is *tiny*, though has a 10″ screen and a decent-sized keyboard. The full specs can be found here. The down side? Well if the Vaio label wasn’t enough of a clue, these things cost a fortune (when compared to netbooks with similar specs). Here in the UK, they start at £849. You could get three Acer Aspire One netbooks for that! Okay, not a great comparison, but the price pushes this little beauty right out of the netbook category.

Still, I want one. As it’s my birthday next month, I’ve just added it to my Amazon wishlist. I’m sure someone will get it for me.

Of course they will…

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