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A little consideration, please…

I had a long day yesterday. A very long day. So when I finally finished work, I planned to chill out in front of the tv and head to bed early. My neighbours, however, had other plans. Crashing home at 11:30pm, they proceeded to turn on cheesy electro-pop and bang it out at an insane volume.

My bedroom and their lounge are separated by a single wall.

Added to the “music” were: random shoutings, some girl screaming/laughing and a scratched CD resulting in the crappy music skipping, somehow making it even worse. A little after 12:30am I resorted to the “keep it down, kids” thumping on the wall.

It had the desired effect.

For about 30 seconds.

Then the music went back on, louder this time, as if to say “F**k you”. This went on for another couple of hours, and I eventually got to sleep. They kicked off again at about 4am when someone broke something, quite loudly (I think it was made of glass) resulting in more screaming and some more music.

You know when you’re at that point when you think “If I don’t get some more sleep, I’m going to go postal and murder a bunch of people”? No? Just me? Well I slept on and off until 8am by which point I was wide awake. So I got out of bed.

I then turned on my DAB radio, tuned it to Gaydar radio (pumping out some bass heavy dance tracks), increased the volume and pressed it against my bedroom wall.

Well, if I have to get up early without enough sleep, I don’t see why I should be alone…

Bring it on bitches…

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