You remember “V”… don’t you?

Exciting news on the sci-fi re-make front. Classic 80’s lizard-alien-invasion (with creepy baby hybrid and mouse-eating villains included) “V” is about to be re-made. io9 has all the details:

ABC has finally officially greenlit the pilot for the revival of 1980s big-hair SF series V, courtesy of The 4400’s creator Scott Peters. We told you about the planned revival back in October last year, but it’s taken this long for the alphabet network to order a pilot that revamps the original show’s Nazi metaphors into something a little bit more contemporary. This time around, the show will center on a female Homeland Security agent, instead of Marc Singer’s heroic cameraman, and the “tension within the family” when her son falls for the aliens’ talk of coming in peace despite their distinctly un-peacelike plans.

I hope it’s a re-make in the Battlestar Galactica sense and not the Bionic Woman sense… if you know what I mean.

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