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Some interesting Spider-Man rumours…

io9 has some interesting thoughts on the story-line for the next two (two!!) Spider-Man films. It makes for good reading. in a nutshell: Morbius the Living Vampire, The Lizard and a six-armed Spider-man. Hmmm…

Kurt Connors (the Lizard) already had a cameo in an earlier film, so it would be great to see a return of the character and more detail on his origin story. Similarly, I’d love to see Morbius appear. What’s not to like?

Mad scientist? Check.

Vampirism? Oh yeah.

Long shared history with Spider-Man? Indeedy.

Then again, Spider-Man films need to be suitable for the family/child audience, so we’d have to forgoe a lot of the violence/blood/death associated with vampires. It would end up being Morbius-Lite, which wouldn’t be much fun for anyone. It would, as they say, fall between two stools.

But I could live with that. As long as we didn’t have to face the prospect of Spider-Man with six arms. Please, creative-type people – spare us from watching that.


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