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Macworld Keynote? Meh…

I was left thoroughly underwhelmed by yesterday’s Macworld keynote address by Phil Schiller. Engadget called it a “Show of no-shows“. It was’t Phil’s presentation, by the way – he gave an excellent performance and I didn’t really miss Steve Jobs (am I even alowed to think that? Never mind commit it to the internets??) . As commentators have pointed out, most companies would be lucky to have someone like him to deliver their annual address.

No, it was the content rather than the delivery that was disappointed. There was no new iMac, no new Mac Mini, no ‘iPad’… hardly any of the rumours appeared on the day. And I think that’s the point – these were all rumours. Apple did not fail by not delivering any of them.

What did appear?

Well, removing DRM from iTunes was a biggie and went down well with the audience. It also seems to be the announcement getting most coverage in the mainstream press. The refresh of iLife and iWork was pretty comprehensive and included the addition of some pretty nifty functionality. iLife is now better than ever and iWork (in my opinion) can now look MS Office in the eye. It also includes putting docs into the cloud for review and comment by others. Very handy. You can down load a 30-day trial copy of the updated iWork here.

There was also a new 17″ Macbook Pro (of now interest to yours truly… I’m far too short to be carrying around a 17 inch laptop!). This was expected, to be fair.

This leaves us with a whole host of rumoured products to appear in the future. And Andy Ihnatko’s “big surprise” failed to materialise. This fills me with hope – he wouldn’t go out on a limb without some facts, so we can expect to see something really special from Apple in the coming months.

To be honest, I’m slightly relieved at the contents of the Keynote. Usually, I have to dash out and splurge on the newest products I see… at this rate, all I’m going to invest in are the new iWork and iLife updates.

My wallet breathes a sigh of relief.

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