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Can we move on now, please?

Steve Jobs has finally responded to all of the rumour and gossip about his health and put out a press release clarifying the situation. I find this depressing on a couple of levels. One, the fact that a single human being’s health has been so inextricably linked to the success of a complex and multi-talented business (i.e. Apple is more than one man) and two, that his privacy has been invaded in this way.

I know, it’s not like the tabloid newspapers were going through the bins outside his house and publishing pictures of his medical records, but the noisy and incessant rumblings about his health across the news media and wider blogosphere have pushed him into a corner – and now this man who obviously values his privacy has to share his medical status with the rest of the world.I honestly feel for him.

Hopefully the focus can move to the contents of this year’s keynote at Macworld.

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