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Thought for the (religious?) Day

Sue Blackmore makes an excellent point in the Guardian’s “Comment is Free” – something I’ve thought about a lot over the past couple of years. Every morning, BBC Radio 4’s Today Programme broadcasts a brief “Thought for the Day” slot. A couple of minutes where a religious thinker – priest, vicar, rabbi, imam – reflects on current events and provides their own spin on things.

It has occurred to me while listening to Today – I wake up to it every morning – that Atheists, Humanists and other non-religious contributors never appear on TFDT. I’m not alone in this.Sue asks:

Why not? Wouldn’t it be better if they were? Morality is not the sole prerogative of the religious – there are even reasons to think that the irreligious are more moral. So why shouldn’t we be invited to speak on TFTD?

If my licence fee helps pay to keep the BBC going, then I feel the BBC should reflect a broader definition of what it is to provide a Thought for the Day and invite contributors who won’t attempt to spin the day’s news in terms of their own religious dogma.

Sue’s piece also led me to an excellent letter from Gavin Orland to the Today Programme – you can read it here. It expresses what I feel, but so much more eloquently!

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